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From Key West Airport to Jacksonville Seaport, IFSS has implemented security systems in major international airports and seaports

Access Control Systems for Airports and Seaports

Access control systems are used to restrict access to certain areas of a business or building. They can be used to monitor which employees are where and at what time that is happening. Access control systems are used daily in a wide range of settings, from every day office use to securing airports and sea ports. IFSS provides the best access control systems for your needs at a fair market value. Access control systems include a variety of methods such as card readers, magnetic stripe cards, pin pads, biometric readers (finger print), door strikes, magnetic locks, vehicle or man gates, time clocks, security alarms, wireless interface, video-badging stations, and surveillance systems that can be integrated or installed separately. These systems help our customers to restrict access to certain areas in their businesses that only certain employees should be able to enter, depending on their position or security level. These systems are dependable and are used globally by some of the most secure facilities, to include prisons, courthouses, banks and hospitals. IFSS relies on a number of reputable manufacturers of access control systems that include Lenel, Hirsch, Open Options, DSX, Software House, Vanderbilt. 


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