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From Key West Airport to Jacksonville Seaport, IFSS has implemented security systems in major international airports and seaports

Area of Rescue Systems for Airports and Seaports

An airport or seaport area of rescue is typically used in parking garages. This can be a button or a phone placed strategically under a stairwell, that will enable anybody who needs assistance or to alert of an emergency to press the button or lift a phone receiver and access 911 or onsite security personnel who will dispatch the emergency appropriately. Airports and seaports must offer customers and personnel the highest level of security and safety. IFSS provides a one-stop shop or turnkey security service, which means that we are able to undertake a full security project, from the consulting and planning stage to designing, installing and servicing security systems. These include, but are not limited to access control, fire alarms, mass notification, point to point networks, alarm systems, sound systems and surveillance.


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