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Access Control Systems by Lenel

Miami-Dade County

Door Access Control Systems by Lenelin Miami-Dade County Floor
Lenel Door Access Control Systems Miami-Dade County FL

Door Access Control Systems By Lenel

If you are looking for door access control systems from Lenel for one door or 1,000 IFSS is the right company to get the job done right the first time.  We offer friendly service and quality work.  We are happy to serve the security needs to businesses and residents of Miami-Dade County Florida and surrounding areas.  We also feature some of the best quality security equipment such as Access Control Systems by Lenel.

Lenel OnGuard by UTC is the absolute leader for Access Control Systems for industrial, commercial and government with a deep commitment to Quality Controls and developing cutting-edge products that enable faster, more intelligent controls, and reporting.

From a small office system to a global Enterprise deployment involving multiple authentication factors, OnGuard delivers security, convenience, flexibility, and reliability. Designed for optimum productivity, OnGuard software and Lenel access control hardware go about their business without impacting yours, but still provide the highest levels of control, monitoring, and analysis to your security staff.

Based on the latest technology and an open standards philosophy, OnGuard Access Control seamlessly integrates biometric technology including hand geometry, fingerprint, and even iris recognition. OnGuard offers unique capabilities in credential lifecycle management, and is unparalleled in its ability to leverage smart card technology.

Combining Lenel OnGuard with SkyPoint High-performance IP video management software offers unmatched levels of scalability, user friendliness & OnGuard integration!

With ever-growing surveillance camera systems, the ability to retrieve significant information from volumes of video data, generated by hundreds and even thousands of cameras at multiple sites, has become imperative. SkyPoint is a breakthrough video client. It provides the tools to efficiently and effectively monitor large camera arrays, access and investigate video of incidents, and export evidence, all through an intuitive, touch screen-optimized (optional) user interface.

Helpful Information
 Miami-Dade County Building Department  (786)315-2332
 11805 Southwest 26 Street, Miami, FL 33175
We Serve All Zip Codes in the Miami-Dade County Area including
33002 33101 33011 33012 33013 33014 33015
33016 33017 33018 33149 33160 34141 33054
33055 33056 33154 33239 33030 33031 33032
33033 33034 33035 33039 33090 33092 33101
33102 33106 33111 33114 33116 33122 33124
33125 33126 33127 33128 33129 33130 33131
33132 33133 33134 33135 33136 33137 33138
33142 33143 33144 33145 33146 33147 33150
33151 33152 33153 33155 33156 33157 33158
33159 33161 33162 33163 33164 33165 33166
33167 33168 33169 33170 33172 33173 33174
33175 33176 33177 33178 33179 33180 33181
33182 33183 33184 33185 33186 33187 33188
33189 33190 33193 33194 33196 33197 33199
33222 33231 3333 33234 33238 33242 33243
33245 33247 33255 33256 33257 33261 33265
33266 33269 33280 33283 33296 33299 33109
33119 33139 33140 33141      

























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