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Government Offices

Government Offices

Services We Offer for Government Buildings

We provide government security services for courthouses, FEMA, federal buildings, home offices, courthouse, prison, and remote satellite offices amongst others. Security services in this type of setting usually encompass all the services we offer. These buildings and their personnel require the highest level of protection, as in the case of judges in courtrooms, or even IRS staff. IFSS provides security consulting for threat assessment, to survey buildings and outdoor areas in order to plan and engineer the required elements to be installed. From access point to duress, IFSS provides fire alarm systems, mass notification, paging, surveillance, lock-down systems and more. From the drawing board to the actual installation and servicing, we have the experience and capability to do it all, which sets us aside from other security companies. We are a good practices company, and we make sure that our staff is trained and has the required level of security clearances to work in all environments, to include schools, government buildings and detention centers. Instead of dealing with one company for security consulting, and another for the installation of a fire alarm and then another for a mass notification system, with IFSS you only need to deal with one company. Also, the owners are always available to make decisions fast, whereas in larger companies you need to wait for days sometimes in order to obtain an answer or a solution. We provide a turnkey service, which means that we do it all and you can expect the best results.

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