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Health Care

Health Care

Security needs in the healthcare field has certain unique characteristics. IFSS provides a one-stop shop or turn-key service in that we can do it all from provide security consulting to actually installing and servicing the systems we install. We can assess your facility´s security needs and go through them with you and give you different options. We can integrate different security systems to optimize your budget, as it is more affordable to install and combine several systems in one than install them separately. For example, a surveillance system can be hooked up with access control, mass notification, sound system, gate access control, security alarms and point to point wireless networks. We can also install duress buttons, nurse paging systems, area of rescue, and fire detection (early detection) and fire alarms.

IFSS installs systems required for lockdown in a maternity or mental health ward, to avoid baby abductions and patient wandering. Surveillance cameras are used around hospitals to deter vagrancy, vandalism and other inappropriate behavior. Access control is used to protect personnel and medication in the pharmacy area. Not only do we cater to the healthcare industry but also to retail, government buildings, educational facilities, airports and seaports and correctional facilities, plus residential needs. 


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