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Security Alarm Systems

Security Alarm Systems

Security alarms are commonly found in retail, commercial, medical, government, educational, as well as personal properties. They are wired, wireless, addressable, monitored via central station (phone-line dialing), via SMS or pager communication, cellular backup, voice over IP/internet dialing, two-way voice communication and more. Having a security alarm system in place drastically reduces the time in which the central station is notified, as well as the response time of fire, medical, or law enforcement in the event of an emergency IFSS represents several highly acclaimed security alarm system brands such as Honeywell, LENEL, NAPCO, DMP (Digital Monitoring Products), Bosch and DSC.

Security alarm systems are often used in combination with surveillance systems, sound systems and access control, depending on the setting it is installed in and the needs of the building or facility.


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